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This is a quick, convenient and inexpensive way to track your employees' time. 
What are the advantages of a web-based online time clock?
1)  An employee's hours and minutes worked are calculated automatically.
2)  Fraud can be eliminated with two options:
          * Photo Timestamp - This option saves an employee photo with every clock punch.  Works with any USB or FireWire webcam.
          * Fingerprint Security - This options scans an employee's fingerprint with every clock punch.
3)  Minimal space is required for a computer and webcam or fingerprint scanner and your electronic time cards are stored online. 
4)  Managers can quickly prepare detailed payroll reports. These payroll reports can then be sent to your payroll provider or accessed by your internal payroll department.  Plus you can view real-time statistics and analysis reports at any time.
Immediate Return On Investment, Sample Calculation
Customers see an immediate ROI by saving more money than it costs to use the service.  As a simple example, if you have 5 employees who each round their timesheets by just 4 minutes per day (20 minutes per day total), the sum of padded time at the end of the month is around 450 un-worked minutes, or about 7.5 hours.

At an average rate of just $10 per hour, this would cost an employer over $75 per month, or $900 per year.  Using a online time clock to manage those same 5 employees would cost just $25 per month, underscoring a potential savings of $600 annually.  Larger companies would save even more as the cost of service goes down with higher numbers of employees.   

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